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1. At Mass, after the Introductory Rites, we celebrate the ___________.

2. The ___________ is the first main part of the Mass.

3. At Mass on Sundays we listen to ______ readings from the Bible.

4. The First Reading is from the ______________.

5. The Second Reading is from the ____________.

6. After the First Reading, we sing or pray the ___________.

7. At the end of the first and second readings, we say " ___________."

8. The third reading is from the ________.

9. The ____________ is a short hymn of praise before the Gospel.

10. The ________that the priest or deacon gives helps us understand the readings.

11. After the homily, we stand to __________________.

12. When we pray the creed, we profess our faith in ___________.

13. The last part of the Liturgy of the Word is ____________.

14. The _________ is the main part of the Liturgy of the Word.

15. The virtue of __________ helps us better hear and understand the meaning of the Word of God.

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