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1. The promise that God and his people made is called the ____________.

2. The Covenant between God and his people shows that _______ always loves us.

3. The Covenant that God and his people made began at ___________.

4. We call the sin of our first parents ____________.

5. God also made the Covenant with Noah, with ________, and with Moses.

6. God sent his ______, Jesus Christ, to make God and people friends again.

7. ______________ is the Son of God.

8. Jesus is _____________.

9. _______________ is the mother of Jesus.

10. The word ______ means "great kindness."

11. Jesus is the greatest ______ of God's love and mercy.

12. The kind and merciful things Brother Martin did are called _______.

13. God made a very special _______ with his people .

14. Our first parents broke the promise they made with God when they ________.

15. Jesus is the Second Person of _____________.

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