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1. __________ is the virtue that God gives us to love him above everyone and everything else and to love other people because of our love for him.

2. We __________ come to know who God is on our own.

3. God has made himself known, or __________ himself to us.

4. God gives us the gift of __________.

5. Faith helps us __________.

6. God is __________.

7. There is __________ God.

8. The __________ is the mystery of one God in three Divine Persons.

9. God is one God in __________.

10. __________, the Son of God, revealed, or made known the Holy Trinity to us.

11. The Holy Trinity is a great __________ of faith.

12. The Bible is __________.

13. God __________ inspired God's people to write the Bible.

14. Another name for the Bible is __________.

15. The Bible has __________ main parts.

16. The __________ tells us that God created the world.

17. The promises that God and his people made to each other are called the __________.

18. The New Testament tells us about __________.

19. __________ told us the most about God.

20. We live as __________ of Jesus when we listen to God's Word.

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