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1. A __________ is a sign of God's presence and power in the world.

2. Once, Jesus, his mother and disciples went to __________ in Cana in Galilee.

3. At the wedding, __________ saw that the wine had run out.

4. Mary told __________ that they had no wine left.

5. Mary told the servants, "__________."

6. Jesus told the servants to fill __________ with water.

7. The __________ tasted the wine.

8. The head servant said, "__________."

9. The root word of the virtue of __________ is pure.

10. Jesus performed a __________ at the wedding in Cana.

11. __________ invites us to believe and trust in him through miracles.

12. At Baptism, we receive a __________, or a call from God to share in Jesus' life and work.

13. The special vocations are celebrated in the __________.

14. The Sacraments at the Service of Communion are __________.

15. A baptized man and a baptized woman celebrate marriage in the __________.

16. In matrimony, a man and a woman __________ promise to always love and be faithful to each other.

17. In matrimony, a man and a woman promise to __________.

18. __________ helps husbands and wives love each other.

19. Husbands and wives love each other just as Jesus loves __________.

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