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1. __________ helps us to make good decisions and to think about them before we make them.

2. The last seven of the Ten Commandments teach about the ways God wants us to __________.

3. The Fourth Commandment teaches that we are to honor __________.

4. We honor our parents when we __________ them.

5. To __________ means to choose to follow the guidance of someone who is helping us live according to God's laws.

6. One way we show we honor our parents is __________.

7. The Fifth Commandment is " __________".

8. The Sixth Commandment teaches that __________ are always to love and honor each other.

9. The __________Commandment teaches that we respect what belongs to other people.

10. We honor the Seventh Commandment by treating people __________.

11. The Eighth Commandment teaches that we are to be __________.

12. The __________ Commandment teaches that everyone is to respect the marriage of a man and a woman.

13. The Tenth Commandment is "You shall __________ your neighbor's goods."

14. The Church says that the Christian family is __________.

15. To __________ means to wrongfully want something that belongs to someone else.

16. When we treat people fairly we follow the __________ Commandment.

17. When we avoid dangerous things that can harm us we follow the __________ Commandment.

18. When we tell the truth about others, we are following the __________ Commandment.

19. The Ten Commandments helps us live __________.

20. "__________" is the Seventh Commandment.

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