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1. The Church is the __________.

2. The Church is a communion of holy people and holy __________.

3. The Communion of Saints includes all of the faithful followers of __________.

4. The faithful on earth, in heaven, and in __________ belong to the Communion of Saints.

5. __________ are people who live with God forever in heaven.

6. People who die but who are not yet ready for heaven are __________.

7. People in purgatory still need time to grow __________.

8. On November 2, which is __________, the Church prays for all the souls in purgatory.

9. The Church remembers the saints on special days that honor their lives called __________.

10. By honoring the saints, the Church helps us remember what it means to __________.

11. St. Paul the Apostle told us that the Church is __________.

12. __________ is the head of the Body of Christ.

13. The Body of Christ is __________.

14. When we are __________, we are joined to Christ.

15. At Baptism, we become a part of __________.

16. When we receive Christ in __________, we receive the grace to do the work Jesus gave the Church.

17. __________ is the holiest of all the saints.

18. In the __________ we pray, "I believe in the Communion of Saints."

19. People, groups, and countries have __________ saints.

20. We celebrate the saints in heaven on __________ Day.

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