Grade 5

Chapter 1

Speak, Lord

Remember in this chapter you learned:

  1. Divine Revelation is God making himself and his plan of Creation and Salvation known.
  2. We can come to know God through creation, especially through people.
  3. God most fully reveals himself in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who became one of us and lived among us.

Question 1 of 20

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1. Every person ____________ for God.

2. The desire for God is ____________.

3. God helps us get to know him; he ____________ himself.

4. We ____________, on our own, come to know who God is.

5. God wants us to be completely ____________ with him.

6. One of the ways God speaks to us is through ____________.

7. God is the ____________ who tells us about himself through the world we live in.

8. Creation reflects God's ____________.

9. All creation ____________.

10. One of the best ways God helps us know him is ____________.

11. The ____________ were the first people whom God chose.

12. God revealed himself most fully in his only Son, ____________.

13. Jesus Christ is the ____________.

14. Through the ____________ of Jesus, we come to know God.

15. ____________ is a supernatural gift and power that helps us respond to God's invitation to know him and believe in him.

16. The ____________ helps us accept the gift of faith.

17. ____________ is God making himself and his plan of Creation and Salvation known.

18. God created us to be completely happy with him not only forever in ____________, but here on Earth as well.

19. Saint Augustine wrote, "You, O God, have made us for yourself, and our hearts are ____________ until they rest in you."

20. God created us to _______.

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