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1. The Bible is God's __________ to us.

2. We read about the story of __________ in the Book of Genesis.

3. The first stories about Jesus spread __________.

4. About the year __________, the disciples of Jesus began writing down stories about him.

5. The writings about Jesus are in the __________ .

6. Before Bibles were printed, __________ or writers made copies of the Bible by hand.

7. The words "sacred scripture" mean "__________."

8. __________ is the author of Sacred Scripture.

9. The __________ inspired the human writers of the Bible.

10. The human writers wrote down, __________, what God wanted to say to his people.

11. __________ collected the holy writings of God's people and placed them in the Bible.

12. God revealed his name to __________.

13. God's name is __________.

14. __________ is the word "I am" in Hebrew.

15. The Bible is divided into the __________.

16. There are __________ books in the Old Testament.

17. There are four written accounts of the __________, or the Good News of Jesus Christ, in New Testament.

18. The story of the ____________ began with the story of Abraham and Sarah.

19. Which of the following is not one of the four Gospels?

20. God and the Israelites entered into a ____________.

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