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1. __________ helps us see the truth of everything that God has made known to us.

2. Knowledge is one of the __________ Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

3. __________ said, "I am the bread of life."

4. Bread is a symbol for all that is life-giving, especially __________.

5. There are __________ sacraments.

6. The sacraments are celebrations of __________.

7. The sacraments were given to us by __________.

8. The seven sacraments are the main __________ of the Church given to us by Jesus Christ.

9. The Church teaches that the sacraments are necessary for __________.

10. The __________ are the foundation of the Christian life.

11. The Sacraments of Christian Initiation are Baptism, __________, and Eucharist.

12. __________ is the first Sacrament of Christian Initiation we receive.

13. At Baptism, we first receive the gift of __________.

14. At Baptism, __________ and all personal sins are forgiven.

15. At Baptism we are marked forever as belonging to __________.

16. We can receive Baptism __________.

17. __________ strengthens the graces of Baptism.

18. As we do at Baptism, at Confirmation we receive a lasting __________, or indelible mark, on our souls that marks us as belonging to Christ forever.

19. __________ is the third Sacrament of Christian Initiation.

20. __________ is present and leads us in every celebration of the Eucharist.

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