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1. God told Moses that he would "__________ from heaven for you."

2. The bread from heaven that God promised to send Moses and his people is called __________.

3. We read about God sending manna in the Book of __________.

4. The Book of Exodus is in the __________.

5. The Exodus is the journey of the __________ from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the land God promised them.

6. In the story from the Book of Exodus, each day the Israelites gathered enough __________ for the day.

7. For Moses and the Israelites, the manna was a __________.

8. __________ is the term we use to name God's caring love for us.

9. In the Gospels, Jesus fed the crowd with __________.

10. Jesus performed a __________ to feed five thousand people with only five loaves of bread and two fish.

11. A miracle is something that only __________ can do.

12. The miracle of the manna in the desert points to, or prefigures, __________.

13. Jesus, __________, gave us the Eucharist.

14. The __________ is spiritual food.

15. The Eucharist is spiritual food that gives us strength to live as __________.

16. At Mass, the __________ become the Body and Blood of Christ.

17. The bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ in the __________.

18. God is most fully present with us in the __________.

19. __________ is fully present in a true and real way in the consecrated bread and wine at Eucharist.

20. __________ is sharing our blessings with others, especially with those in need.

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