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1. __________ is the good habit of giving to God and to all people what is rightfully due to them.

2. The Church is our __________ and our Teacher.

3. __________ is the gift that God gives to every person that helps us know and judge what is right and what is wrong.

4. We need to __________ our consciences to do a good job.

5. __________ are habits of doing what is good.

6. Our conscience helps us to know and judge __________.

7. There are __________ moral virtues that are the foundation of all moral virtues.

8. __________ are the people and other things that try to get us to choose not to live holy lives.

9. We __________ when we knowingly and freely choose to do or say something we know is against God's will.

10. __________ sin is a serious failure in our love for God, our neighbors, ourselves, or creation.

11. Mortal sin causes us to lose the gift of __________, or sanctifying grace.

12. __________ sins weaken our love for God and for one another.

13. Bad habits are also called __________.

14. __________ is a free gift from God.

15. At __________ we receive the gift of sanctifying grace.

16. The word "sanctifying" means "__________."

17. Sanctifying grace is __________ that God shares with us.

18. The Holy Spirit always gives us __________, which is the grace to help us live a holy life and to do and say what we know is the right thing.

19. The four Cardinal Virtues are __________.

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