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1. The __________ is the story of the People of God listening to him, and striving to know, love, and serve him.

2. __________ was one of the great leaders of God's people.

3. God revealed to Moses the __________ , or laws, that his people were to follow.

4. The laws God gave to Moses would guide the people to live the __________ .

5. Moses was the leader of the Israelites, or __________ .

6. God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery in __________ .

7. The journey from slavery to freedom is known as the __________ .

8. The heart of the Exodus story is the Covenant, or __________ that God and the Israelites made with each other.

9. God promised to be __________ to his people.

10. God gave Moses the __________ on Mt. Sinai.

11. The __________ is another name for the Ten Commandments.

12. The word "decalogue" means "__________."

13. The Ten Commandments are the basic laws that teach us how to love God, other __________, and ourselves.

14. __________, the Son of God, came to show us how to live the Ten Commandments.

15. The First Commandment is "I am the Lord your God: you shall __________."

16. Remember to keep holy the __________.

17. Honor your father and __________.

18. The Fifth Commandment is "You shall not __________."

19. The Seventh Commandment is "You shall not __________."

20. __________ is one of the four cardinal virtues which is the good habit of facing difficulties with strength and courage.

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