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1. __________ someone is to count on that person to care for our well-being and respect us.

2. Isidore and his wife, Maria de la Cabeza, were __________.

3. St. Isidore and St. Maria are examples of a married couple who placed __________ at the center of their lives.

4. When we are good __________, we care for God's creation and share its gifts with others, especially those in need.

5. God tells us about himself __________.

6. God tells us about himself in __________.

7. God is the Father, the __________.

8. God is the __________.

9. God is always present, which means he is __________.

10. God's Word is always __________.

11. King David said, "Lord God, you are God and your words are __________."

12. To say that God is _________ is to say that God has the power to do everything and anything good.

13. __________ is God's loving care for us.

14. God asks us to share in his Divine Providence by taking care of his __________.

15. __________ help to complete the work of creation.

16. In the __________, we profess our faith in God, who is the Creator of all that is, seen or unseen.

17. __________ are the greatest of all of God's creation.

18. God created people to share in the life of the __________.

19. The __________ is the mystery of one God in three Divine Persons-God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

20. God made __________, visible and invisible, out of love and without any help.

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