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1. God promised to send his Chosen People, the __________, a savior.

2. Dorothy Day shared God's message of __________ with people.

3. The virtue of __________ helps us trust that God is always with us, in good times and in difficult times.

4. Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin started the __________ movement.

5. __________ rejected God's original plan of happiness.

6. __________ is the sin that the first humans committed.

7. By Original Sin, Adam and Eve lost the gift of __________.

8. God promised to send a __________.

9. God's plan of __________ was to send a savior who would free all people from sin and suffering.

10. Because of __________, suffering, unhappiness, sin, and evil of all kinds came into the world.

11. 600 years before the birth of Jesus, the __________, God's people, were suffering in many ways.

12. 600 years before the birth of Jesus, God sent the prophet __________ to speak to the Israelites.

13. A __________ is someone whom God chooses to speak to people in his name.

14. The Messiah is the savior, or God's __________.

15. __________ is the Messiah.

16. Isaiah used the title __________ to describe how Jesus is wise and clearly knows God's plan for all people.

17. Jesus is the __________; he establishes the peace that God had always promised to his people.

18. God's promise to send a savior to free all people from sin and suffering is called God's plan of ___________.

19. The Catholic Church has named Dorothy Day a __________.

20. The __________ is the person whom God promised to send to save people from sin.

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